Anna Henderson

Senior Acquisitions Editor

Exeter (Devon, UK)

Arc Medievalist
Beyond Medieval Europe
Collection Development, Cultural Heritage and Digital Humanities
Medieval Media and Culture
Past Imperfect
Places and Spaces, Medieval to Modern
Premodern Ecosystems
Spirituality and Monasticism, East and West
War and Conflict in Premodern Societies

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Danna Messer

Acquisitions Editor

York (North Yorkshire, UK)

Peer Review Management

East Meets West
Gender and Power
The Medieval Islamicate World
Mesoamerica, the Caribbean, and South America, 700-1700
Reference Works (Encyclop. of the Global Middle Ages; Companions)
Teaching the Middle Ages

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Becky Straple

Managing Editor

Kalamazoo (Michigan, USA)

Contracts and Rights | Manuscript Preparation

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Ruth Kennedy

Production Manager

Adelaide (South Australia)

Project Management | Desk Editing Team

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Martine Maguire-Weltecke

Graphic Design and Typesetting

Dublin (Irish Republic)

Typesetting | Design

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Finance & Sales

Rob Edwards

Library Relations

Shipley (West Yorkshire, UK)

Journals | Library Agents

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Maria Johnson

Finance and Public Outreach

Kalamazoo (Michigan, USA)

Payments & Finance | Social Media | Arc Blog

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Anne Nolan

Operations Director

Wokingham (Berkshire, UK)

Production & Logistics | Marketing

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Simon Forde

Director and Editor-in-Chief

Newark (Nottinghamshire, UK)

Co-founder and owner, Arc Humanities Press

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Malcolm Campbell

Business Development

Krefeld (Germany)


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Kevin Gamble

External Accountant

York (North Yorkshire, UK)

Accounts | Financial Advice

Academic Board

Robert E. Bjork

Academic Director (Honorary)

Scottsdale (Arizona, USA)

Former director, ACMRS, Arizona State University

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