Style Guide and Indexing Guides

Policies and procedures for submissions of publication proposals are to be found here. Once your book is accepted, you should produce your manuscript for publication following our short Style Guide below. For detailed matters not covered there, please consult the more detailed Chicago Manual of Style.

All Arc Humanities Press series (including short-form publications, Past Imperfect, and Reference Works) follow Chicago Manual of Style guidelines (with the Author-Date citation system permitted for archaeological and similar publications, upon request with the press), with three minor variants:

  1. spelling follows Canadian, not American or British, spelling (so: centre, colour; forms in -ize, -ization; skeptical, program).
  2. footnotes are employed for all Arc series.
  3. we shorten the information in bibliographical data to the bare minimum – the press name (at its shortest), the main place of publication, and no state or country location unless (as with Cambridge, MA or Washington, DC) it is absolutely necessary to avoid confusion or to follow convention. Therefore, we would cite a publication as: (Leiden: Brill, 1997) instead of: (Leiden, Cologne, and Boston: E. J. Brill, 1997).

Style Guide

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Indexing Guidelines

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Caption Style and Formatting Guide
Figure size options – regular size book (234 x 156mm)
Figure size options – large format (260 x 210mm)
Figure size options – pocket format (181 x 111mm)

Permissions Guidance

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Font Guidelines for Figures, Tables, Maps

Text employed on images, tables, and maps should use, where possible, Cambria font. If the images are full-size (for which see the printed page dimensions adjacent) then the font size should not be greater than 10 point.
For books in the Past Imperfect series, please use Deja Vu Sans (or Gill Sans MT) font.

Recommended Cartographers

If you need maps created, the following two cartographers are experts in historical maps. Please contact them for particulars and the fees they charge.

Sebastian Ballard (Hampshire, UK)

Greg Leighton (Toruń, Poland)