Review Copies

Legal Deposit

Arc follows the British Library rules for copyright libraries and supplies BDS the metadata following British Library standards for its Cataloguing-in-Publication programme. The British Library at Boston Spa processes a digital book file and our metadata; they then manage dissemination to the other five legal deposit libraries across the UK and Ireland.


Arc has the following “preferred journals” who get copies once they signal interest to Amsterdam University Press (AUP) in receiving a copy, or upon request. These journals all assure Arc that reviewers are lined up, can provide our authors a quick turnround and good feedback, they receive a PDF of the book at publication, and the published reviews are either sent to Arc or AUP or are readily accessible once published. Other journals may approach Arc to be added to this list. 

  1. The Medieval Review
  2. Speculum
  3. sehepunkte: Online-Rezensionsjournal für die Geschichtswissenschaften
  4. Deutsche Archiv für Erforschung des Mittelalters
  5. International Medieval Bibliography, for thematic collections.

Authors are invited to nominate a further half dozen or more journals in the Author-Marketing Questionnaire that they complete shortly before publication. Our marketing colleagues at AUP then contact the journals to check they are interested in undertaking a review. We do insist (to prevent wastage) that the journal already has a named reviewer lined up and that they undertake to send us a copy of the published review.

Unsolicited requests direct from journals are examined critically and individually. The two conditions above apply; the vast majority of journals receive a PDF but Arc will consider a printed copy if a sound case is made. Note that beyond the delays incurred in shipping a physical copy, Brexit customs regulations now make sending copies to the EU expensive and complex.