Arc is pleased to announce its innovative New Voices Program, with crowd-funding from libraries.

Arc is keen to hear from early career researchers and independent scholars who wish to be considered for the New Voices scheme in 2023 and beyond.

  • If you are making an initial enquiry about publishing with Arc, please mention your interest in “New Voices” to your acquisitions editor.
  • When you are submitting a formal proposal, please tick the box on our book proposal form saying you wish to be considered for the “OA New Voices” scheme.

Libraries interested in participating should contact Rob Edwards.

Arc acknowledge, with gratitude, the contributions of the following:

Supporting Institutions

  • Cardiff University
  • University of York

Contributing Individuals

  • Mª. Cristina Pimenta (Porto)
  • Axel E. W. Müller (Leeds)
  • Andrew Elliott (Lincoln)
  • Acquisitions editors from Arc Humanities Press