Arc Impact and Short-Form Books

The Arc Impact book offers a new route to publication at Arc Humanities Press connecting and looking beyond medieval studies to contemporary humanities research issues. The Arc Impact book offers a route to publish for authors who have undertaken a specific project, which does not lend itself to publishing as a traditional journal article or a long form academic monograph. A more generous word count and faster turnaround time than a journal article allows for rapid publication of results, more scope for case study material and a more immediate impact on the field. The books are typically 45,000-60,000 words long and priced at an affordable level with open access options.

Arc Impact also offers a new route to publish in digital humanities, cultural heritage, public history and other applied humanities. It will be ideal for researchers who want to write a short accessible book for the cultural sector, or for cultural and information professionals to write a short book about a project they have undertaken. Co-authored books resulting from collaborative research-practitioner projects would also be ideal. The aim is to illustrate the broader impact of humanities research and reflect the exciting new networks developing between researchers and the cultural sector, including archives, libraries and museums, media and the arts, cultural memory and heritage restoration, festivals and tourism.

Geographical and Chronological Scope

From antiquity to the present day, including studies of how premodern issues relate to the contemporary world, and how contemporary research from any discipline (e.g., in digital humanities) can have an impact on humanities research generally, and globally


cultural heritage, public understanding of the past, public history, applied research in the humanities, digital humanities

Evaluation and Peer Review

This brand of compact volumes covers the full range of humanities and related disciplines and treats topics from the ancient world to today, but with a particular interest in relating such research to contemporary topics and broad, contemporary research developments. Given this scope there is no merit in having a series board to evaluate each offering. Instead, the press identifies evaluators on a case by case basis before any formal commitment is made by the press to the author. Further, all submitted manuscripts are subject to peer review from an independent expert chosen by the press. The peer review questionnaire is modified from the press’s standard form, to reflect the particular nature of this type of publication.

Editorial Contact

Contact any of our Acquisitions Editors and indicate the topic of your work so that they can consider which series is most suitable. Almost all our book series accept Impact-style volumes.

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