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On Migration in the Medieval Mediterranean

“I think by learning more about medieval people and their migration experiences, we can move one step closer to a sense of the shared humanity between medieval and modern people.”… READ MORE

A fresh approach to Arianism

Q & A with Marilyn Dunn, author of Arianism Why write a new book about Arianism? Because we need to take into account recent developments and discoveries.  I use new… READ MORE

Teaching Chaucer, the New Old-fashioned Way

How do you teach Chaucer now, especially to undergraduates? It’s a really difficult question, especially with Chaucer’s particular legacy. While Chaucer didn’t see himself as the Father of English as… READ MORE

The Words of a Princess

In 2017, I wrote a 2,000 word entry on manuscript dedications written by Princess Elizabeth for Women Writers in Context, an online publication series from the Women Writers Project (Read… READ MORE

Ecological Conservation and the Military

Ecological Conservation and the Military

  Read with Open Access right now! Armed forces protected and preserved nature for centuries before the rise of modern environmentalism. This is not a naive embrace of the military,… READ MORE

On their own terms

On their own terms

This post is intended to give some intellectual and experiential background to this book, Animism, Materiality, and Museums: How Do Byzantine Things Feel?, which was published earlier this month (it… READ MORE

Book Nomination Announcement 

Two of our titles have been short-listed for a Laura Shannon Prize, which the Nanovic Institute for European Studies administers at Notre Dame. Medieval Women, Material Culture, and Power: Matilda Plantagenet… READ MORE

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