Medieval History in the Modern Classroom

  1. Who is this book for? People who teach undergraduate medieval history courses, especially early career instructors and PhD. students.
  2. What inspired you to write this book? There is a gap between secondary and post-secondary student expectations. Undergraduate history instructors do not receive formal training in instructional strategies or pedagogy — they would benefit from this.
  3. What impact do you think this book will have? It will prompt undergraduate instructors to learn more about education research and intentional instruction and promote cross-disciplinary research with our colleagues in Colleges of Education.
  4. How does this book fit into the broader scholarship of medieval studies? Our largest audience is often our students. They are certainly the audience with the most contact time with us. Faculty positions are part of the education service industry, and we need to do a better job of serving our clients.
  5. What are you currently working on? We’d like to follow this volume up with an edited volume of case studies that evaluates the impact of engaging medieval curriculum using educational best practices.

Lane J. Sobehrad, PhD, manages major grants, research, and innovative programs for Lubbock ISD, and is Affiliated Faculty with the Medieval & Renaissance Studies Center at Texas Tech University.

Susan Sobehrad is a nationally certified PBL trainer and has served as an instructional coach & facilitator at multiple project-based campuses utilizing thirty years of teaching experience.