Medieval Bosnia and South-East European Relations

A new generation of medievalists from Bosnia and Southeast Europe reassess the region’s medieval history – political, religious, social, and cultural.


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Dženan Dautović

Emir O. Filipović

Neven Isailović

The Dalmatian coast of the Adriatic and its vast Balkan hinterland were an integral part of medieval Europe, both in a geographical and historical sense. However, due to issues of language and a scarcity of sources, the whole region has largely remained out of sight and overlooked by western historiography. This volume features contributions from an exciting new generation of medievalists who are working to rectify this gap in the narrative. As a small, landlocked country, medieval Bosnia managed to preserve its individuality, characterized by religious plurality and by the persistence of its own ancient customs. But its central position in the region, situated between east and west, and where boundaries between Catholic and Orthodox Christianity were demarcated deep into the Middle Ages, meant it was heavily influenced by both sides of this civilizational divide and politically and culturally shaped by the Venetian Republic, the Hungarian Kingdom, and the Byzantine Empire.


Introduction, Dženan Dautović, Emir O. Filipović and Neven Isailović
1. Bosnia and Croatia-Dalmatia in the Late Middle Ages: A Historical Perspective, Neven Isailović
2. The Role of Neighbouring Countries in the Relationship between the Bosnian Kingdom and the Serbian Despotate, Enes Dedić
3. The Opposition between Bulgaria and the Latin Empire of Constantinople: A Necessary Hostility?, Francesco Dall’Aglio
4. Ottoman Power Holders in the Balkans (1353–1580): A Case of Upward and Downward Elite Mobility, Günes Iṣiksel
5. Exploiting the Frontier—A Case Study: the Common Endeavour of Matthias Corvinus and Nicholas of Ilok in Late Medieval Bosnia, Davor Salihović
6. The Papacy and Marriage Practices in Medieval Bosnia, Dženan Dautović
7. Ecclesiastical Reformer and Politician: The Two Faces of Bishop Stephen II of Zagreb, Igor Razum
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