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Dear Sir Kenneth:

After recently being captivated by your film interpretation of Cinderella, I ask you to consider creating a film version of the English prose translation of a thirteenth-century French epic romance, Cleomadés, just published by Arc-Humanities Press as Cleomadés and the Marvellous Flying Wooden Horse.

The book’s blurb gives an idea of the story:

Palace and pageantry, music and feast contribute to the poetic beauty of Adenet le Roi’s Cleomadés. In a story based on a tale from The One Thousand and One Nights, the hero Cleomadés and his sweetheart Clarmondine share love of an intensity evoking that of Layla and Majnun, of Isolde and Tristan, of Guinevere and Lancelot. When adventures with a mechanical flying horse separate them disastrously, the lovers undertake epic journeys and devise ingenious ruses to effect their eventual reunion. In medieval French tradition, their ardor is the consuming passion of the narrative. However, Cleomadés is replete with material on the status of women, of the disabled, of the insane, of religious toleration, of violent behavior, of duty toward parents. Produced in Paris in 1285 under the patronage of Marie de Brabant, queen of France and daughter of Adenet’s first patron, Cleomadés crowns its author’s illustrious career.”

Thank you for considering my request.


Anna Moore Morton, Ph. D.


The book is available now!

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