February 19, 2016

Hot on the heels of appointing Erika Gaffney, MIP is proud to announce three further appointments, two of whom (like Erika) were senior staff at Ashgate.

Dymphna Evans has been appointed Senior Acquisitions Editor to develop two new product lines: reference works and “impact” publications. Dymphna was responsible for setting up the successful Ashgate Reference brand and will use her experience and the flexibility that Arc Humanities Press affords her to develop single- and multi-volume companions and handbooks that pull together the most authoritative and foundational material on a particular subject. She will also develop the Arc mission, drawn from the CARMEN Worldwide Medieval Network, to build links between scholars of the premodern world and scholars in other faculties, and with related business sectors. Initially she will focus on publications on digital humanities and cultural heritage, utilizing a number of new media and formats.

Anne Nolan was a former Marketing Director at Ashgate in the UK, and more recently had restructured Ashgate’s production systems. For MIP and Arc, she will work to promote the classroom take-up of our books, particularly the popular TEAMS publications and the new Past Imperfect volumes. She will also help us develop an e-book presence globally, and oversee our attendance at scholarly conferences worldwide, and communications with the 13,500 scholars linked to Kalamazoo. Her appointment is indicative of MIP and Arc becoming more customer-focused and globalized.

Finally, Nicole Eddy, a medievalist and recent postdoc from the University of Notre Dame, has been appointed to assist Theresa Whitaker as Assistant Managing Editor. MIP and Arc will, in a few years, be publishing more than 100 books a year, ten times the recent output. This has meant investment in a new Cloud-based data-management system. This system allows us to manage workflows with freelancers spread around the world, and to be far more responsive to our authors, so that everyone involved knows precisely when a specific step will be completed. Nicole will be the central point of contact with authors from once a manuscript goes into peer-review, right through to the post-production steps.

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