December 14, 2015

Medieval Institute Publications (MIP) and Arc Medieval Press, together with its partner, Amsterdam University Press (AUP), are delighted to announce the appointment of Erika Gaffney as Senior Acquisitions Editor in Early Modern Studies.

Erika Gaffney established her reputation as an acquisitions editor at Ashgate, where she worked for more than 20 years. Over those two decades, she developed an extensive network of series and authors. Her new role allows her to extend her publishing trajectory in interdisciplinary studies, visual cultures and art history, and in the history of the period from the late Middle Ages to the seventeenth centuries.

Erika’s contribution will perfectly complement AUP’s strengths in medieval studies and the Dutch Golden Age. Her interests dovetail neatly with those of MIP, which is strong in vernacular studies, and of Arc, with its remit in global medieval studies. She is thus well situated not only to support the existing publishing programs of MIP and Arc, but also to undertake to expand significantly their lists in early modern studies.

Jan-Peter Wissink, director of AUP, calls this a “very welcome step in strengthening AUP’s commitment to European History”. Dr. Simon Forde, director of MIP and Arc and also head of acquisitions for AUP’s European history list, is delighted to have helped bring Ms. Gaffney onto the team: “We have constructed an arrangement that allows Erika scope to pursue her ideal publishing remit. It permits Erika to continue her engagement with a community of scholars that she greatly admires and enjoys, and gives her the freedom to acquire books in the fields that are close to her heart.”

Publications produced by AUP, MIP and Arc are all:

  1. evaluated by knowledgeable boards and specialists; each imprint welcomes submissions for volumes of cutting-edge research, while AUP’s series are “interdisciplinary and boundary-breaking” and the MIP and Arc imprints focus on “vernacular” and “global” research respectively. While distinct, AUP, Arc and MIP work in a fully integrated way in acquisitions, production, sales and marketing
  2. fully peer-reviewed to standards recognized by the American Association of University Presses (both AUP and MIP being AAUP members)
  3. monographs, thematic collections and similar volumes written by both emerging and established scholars
  4. turned round in under nine months from an author’s delivery of the definitive manuscript to publication, with full copy-editing and pre-press support
  5. delivered in printed and digital formats at prices affordable to universities, but with half-price discounts for students and scholars via the online bookstore in Kalamazoo
  6. marketed and distributed worldwide (with warehouses in Connecticut and Plymouth UK, marketing offices in the US and the Netherlands, and agents across Asia)
  7. fully Open Access compliant: both AUP and MIP committed to Open Access, and AUP in particular having been in the forefront of OA publishing.

Scholars wishing to renew their working relationship with Erika or new scholars interested in submitting not-yet-contracted volumes (or new series) should email her at [email protected] to ask for a Proposal Form.

More information about Amsterdam University Press (AUP) can be found at  For more information about Medieval Institute Publications (MIP) and Arc Medieval Press, visit

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