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Adrian Boas on The Crusades Uncovered

It would require a particular talent to write a dull history of the crusades and there are many fine studies available covering virtually every aspect of the subject, from politics… READ MORE

Why Study the Middle Ages?

The study of the Middle Ages in every aspect of the modern liberal arts—the humanities, STEM, and the social sciences—has significant importance for society and the individual. There is a… READ MORE

Jewish Theatre Making in Mantua, 1520-1650

The Jewish community of Mantua started to produce plays in 1520 for carnival celebrations and civic spectacles to honor visiting dignitaries and to celebrate births and marriages of the reigning… READ MORE

Medieval History in the Modern Classroom

Who is this book for? People who teach undergraduate medieval history courses, especially early career instructors and PhD. students. What inspired you to write this book? There is a gap between secondary… READ MORE